Parking Ticket – Take 2

Wednesday morning, shortly after 7am, I was meeting a friend at Thou Mayest Coffee Shop (which by the way is an awesome place). We were sitting outside enjoying a beautiful morning, getting to know each other better and of course sipping on a little splash of “Heaven in a cup.”

Life was good.


Suddenly, a random guy walked over to us and asked if we had parked on the north side of 18th street. Unfortunately it was too early for me to figure out the directions in my head, but if it was a parking issue, there was a good chance it I was going to be involved.

“The parking police are writing tickets, you should move your car if you can.”

That is all it took…I jumped up and wogged (walk/jog) through the coffee shop, outside to my car and sure enough, there was the KC parking police car.

I picked up the pace knowing that every second counted.

I went right up to his car and knocked on his window.

In slow motion, he rolled down his window and made eye contact…without waiting for him to say anything, I burst out, “if you are writing a ticket for that (pointing to my car), I am very sorry… I pulled ahead in order to make room for cars behind me…Scouts honor…and didn’t notice that the sign said ‘2 Hour Parking from 9am-4pm’.

He slowly moved his head and then broke the silence by asking, “Are you moving it now?”

All I could think of was, “Is the Pope Catholic?” But instead, I just said “Yes.”

He said, “Ok” rolled up his window and drove off . And I saved myself $47.50…not too bad. An amount I would much rather spend on coffee….or missions…of course :).

This story illustrates the power of the law and this Sunday, I will share a sermon from Romans 7:7-13 on this subject. Too often, when we break the law, we become angered at the law…there is a better way to spend our emotional energy. The law is a tool to measure our righteousness…and unfortunately we all fall short. But there is incredible hope…we would be honored if you could join us for our service at 10:45am on Sunday.