Making It Count

Last night our oldest daughter Alexa was given a soccer opportunity that she has been working toward for a long time.

She was asked to play up with a team in a higher division.

For the past two seasons she has been on the bubble and never quite able to get the nod from her coach to play up.

She was excited and nervous all at the same time.

Now, getting the opportunity and rocking the opportunity are two different things.

Last night, Alexa rocked her opportunity.

She started the game and was not subbed once for the entire game. By halftime several parents started to come up to me and ask why she hasn’t been playing with the team all year. All I could do was smile and agree that she was having a great game.

Before the game we prayed that she would shine, stand out, contribute, make a difference and of course stay humble (like her parents :)) and give God the credit.

After the game, her coach held her back and told her that she had played great and as a result had earned more opportunities to play up in the future.

The entire ride home was so much fun…we replayed all the great plays and everything that the parents and coaches were saying about her performance.

Imagine if she had not made the most of her opportunity. What if she had allowed fear to get the most of her? Or if she simply didn’t try hard because she didn’t want to fail…

I wouldn’t be writing my email about her, the ride home would have been much different and today would be full of regret.

However, today is full of celebration because Alexa invested her resources and made the most of her opportunity.