Learning to Value Trials

This past week my daughter Sophia developed several blisters on her feet while playing soccer. I noticed it while she was playing in her second game in one day.

She was favoring one leg a little, but the giveaway was that when there was a loose ball, she was a step behind. Usually for Sophie, a loose ball on the soccer field is like a doughnut in a police car :).

It soon became obvious that something wasn’t quite right…she still played hard and to many on the sidelines her change in play was not even noticeable, but as her dad, I could tell.

After the game, which ended in a tie, I asked her if she was feeling ok. It was then that she told me she had several blisters.

After we got in the car, she took off her socks and sure enough, there were at least three big blisters on her feet. After seeing how much her feet must have been hurting, I was even more proud of her performance…must take after her mom :).

Blisters on the feet of a soccer player are similar to many trials that you and I face on a regular basis. They are painful and can easily capture our focus. Nonetheless, they are often hidden from the sight of the average onlooker.

It’s not like you can make up a sign that says, “Please have more patience with me today, I have trials.”

So we put our best foot forward, grin and bear it, while dealing with some really deep pain beneath the surface