This afternoon I was able to help a good friend get some immunizations for a missions trip he is taking to Haiti in just over a week. The preparation for this trip has been long and labor intensive.

The participants have had to raise about $3,200 per person. (you can learn more about supporting them Here.)

They have had to arrange their schedule to be out of the country for a week.

They have had to prepare spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally for all that they will encounter on this trip.

They have had to get immunizations, which is the reason for this email in the first place.

So this afternoon, we took off toward the Platte County Health Department…long story. When we arrived at the parking lot, it was EMPTY. I was almost certain it was closed.

It was open…and there was no one in line…long story.

We thought the shots would be expensive…they were free…long story.

Last night, we were certain we had missed the window for immunizations and today…it’s a blessing in the past.

Our drive out to the health department and the drive back were quite different.

On the way there, we had plenty of unknowns…would it be open, would they have the necessary immunizations, would it be expensive, would the door to the Haiti trip slam shut?

Lots of questions…

On the way back it was like we were reminiscing about a high school football game. “I can’t believe there was no one at the health department.” “We just walked right in.” “The shots were free.” “God is going to do something amazing in Haiti.”

The difference between the drive to the health department and the drive home was the difference between questions and answers…fear and confidence…hope and completion.

This Sunday we are tackling the final verses in Romans 6. We will discover that when our destination is settled, the journey makes sense. When the destination is uncertain, the journey is confusing, frustrating, painful…I could go on.

If you have been experiencing some confusion, frustration and pain along the journey of life, then this Sunday may be exactly what you need.