I like Costco.

They have awesome products. Such as the laptop I am using right now. Or the braided tree that was nearly triple the price at Home Depot. How about Costco rotisserie chicken? It’s pretty tough to beat a whole, tasty chicken for $4.99. There is something about getting a great deal that makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside.

Costco also has great samples. If you are a member you know this. In fact when you have five kids, a trip to Costco at lunch time can save you the $20 you would have spent at McDonalds. And its healthier…ahem…yep.

I would also have to say that I have never had a bad experience with Costco employees. Good people, good people.

In my opinion, compared to other businesses Costco has the fastest gas pumps (maybe a bit random, but still true), best quality merchandise and finest customer experience around.

I just can’t stand the receipt line at the exit.

The demand of the store management to check my purchases with my receipt makes me feel guilty before being proven innocent. When I am running late and the exit receipt line is long, it makes matters even worse. The cheesy smiley face slowly drawn on my receipt for my kids provides absolutely no value to me. LOL.

As frustrating as the receipt line may be, I have never been forced into a Costco. I always go voluntarily. I even pay for my membership.

When I signed the dotted line to become a member, I agreed to show my membership card before I stepped foot in the store and agreed to show my receipt to compare my purchases before leaving.

I’m Troy, and I am a slave of Costco.

This Sunday, the sermon will come from Romans 6:15-19 and it will be about becoming a slave of righteousness.

Similar to my experience at Costco, when I placed my faith in Jesus, I volunteered to become a slave of righteousness. As a slave of righteousness, I have chosen to be freed from the bondage of sin and instead choose to be obedient to my master, Jesus.

Costco doesn’t provide a perfect metaphor for becoming a slave of righteousness and even Paul admits in Romans 6:19 that slavery is not a perfect metaphor to describe our new life in Christ.

However, each metaphor has something to teach us about the most incredible life possible. I hope you can attend on Sunday to learn more. In the meantime, all that talk about Rotisserie Chicken has made me hungry.