Stop It!

Bob Newhart has an incredible skit in which he plays a psychologist. If you haven’t seen it you can watch it Here. It will take you about six minutes…but in exchange for your time, I can almost guarantee you will laugh.

The gist of the skit is that a woman comes to him with multiple fears and Bob Newhart responds with two magic words:


As a father of five children, I use those words frequently.

Earlier today, my two year old took the lid from his cup and randomly threw it and it banged of the desk and skidded to a halt on the wood floor.

Stop it!

A day ago, that same boy found a “recorder” and was blowing on it with all his lung power.

Stop it!

The boys were wrestling and one of them started crying.

Stop it!

I could go on…and even tell stories about my daughters, but they are getting to the age where I could embarrass them, then they would tell me, “Stop it.” 🙂

This Sunday, Paul is going to tell each of us to STOP IT.

We will study from Romans 6:12-14 and the Big Idea is, “My righteousness is settled, my choices still matter.”