He Kicked Me

Leigh-Ann and the girls are away for a girls weekend. So this is my life…

We are at the church since we don’t have electricity at our house. In the background, I can hear a cartoon which is my attempt to keep the boys occupied while I finish up a few things for Sunday.

 “Daddy, Ian kicked me!” (Ian is almost 3)

“Ian, come here.”


“Did you kick your brother?”


“Sit down, in timeout.”

Ian makes an attempt to escape by slowly walking away, hoping that I don’t notice…

“Where are you going? Sit down.”

“Daddy, can I get up?”

“Not yet.”

Asks three more times…

“Will you be good?”


“Ok, you can get up, be good.”

“Ok Daddy.”

Within any given day, kids get in arguments, shed tears, pick noses, interrupt, get hungry, complain, spill, break things, hit, disobey, lie, touch things that do not belong to them…you get the point.

Can you imagine how miserable their lives would be if every time they chose one of the above actions, I told them I didn’t love them because they were not perfect?


Sometimes this is how we treat our relationship with God. We think that if we do any of the above, we need to earn God’s favor back.

And since it is impossible to make up for all of our bad decisions before God, many people simply ignore God…or re-invent Him.

Why not learn more about God?

This Sunday would be a great time to start. We will study from Romans 5:18-21. Not only does God love us in spite of our sins, He has provided a perfect plan to cover our sin and has provided us a kingdom of grace where we can live. This Kingdom is so incredibly awesome that we don’t have to fear the next time we kick our brother or pick our nose…God loves us in spite of our failures.