Extended Time …

Earlier this week I arrived home a little late. Leigh-Ann had experienced a long day with the boys and so as soon as we finished dinner, they showered and put on pajamas.

It was her plan to put them in bed….EARLY.

This is a point of contention in our household. I have a tendency to advocate for the kids to stay up a bit later. Leigh-Ann, after being with some very active 2, 4 and 6 year old boys and pretty active 10 and 13 year old girls, is understandably ready for a break.

That night, when the boys came downstairs, I suggested that maybe I should take them on a pajama ride before bed to get some gas for the lawnmower.

They all ran downstairs, jumped in my car and buckled in with great anticipation on their faces.

On our ride to the gas station, I couldn’t help but overhear them talk. I wish I had hit record on my phone…typically they come up with some pretty amazing thoughts.

After getting the gasoline, I asked them if they would like to get an ice cream cone before heading home.


The response to ice cream was worth the whole trip.

On the way there, they started talking about why they were excited to get ice cream. My favorite explanation was that, “it will make my legs cooler because my pajamas are so hot.”

As an experienced parent, I needed to get some clarification.

“How is it going to make your legs cooler,” I asked (hoping he wasn’t planning to put his ice cream cone on his leg).

“When I eat it, the ice cream will go through my tummy to my legs and make them cooler.”

Fair enough…and with that we were in the drive thru line.

Eventually we made it home and got the boys to bed. Then it was time for the girls.

They are professionals at extending bed times. In fact, I told them last night that they must be my kids, because I had a special way of extending my bed times growing up.

On one hand, I am happy that the kids want to stay up…and for now Leigh-Ann and I flatter ourselves with the thought that they want to stay up to hang out with us. I know that as parents, we sure like to be with them.

As I consider the desire that family has to spend time together, I am reminded of a different family…our spiritual family. This Sunday, I will preach from Romans 5:15-17. We will look closely at the differences between Adam and Jesus. Practically, we will study what it means to accept the free gift of life that is a result of the grace given by Jesus.

When we begin to understand what it means to experience the grace of God, we will also become experts at extending times that we can spend with Him.