This past week we were able to make a visit to the KC Zoo with some very close friends. It just so happened that rain was in the forecast (hard to believe, huh :)?).

We have an annual pass with all the rides included (the kids got to me on a good day), so we made a bee line for the tram over to Africa. As soon as we arrived, it looked pretty dark so we immediately got in line for the Sky Safari and jumped on. By the time we got off, the sky continued to grow darker so we hurried to see as many animals as possible.

Since we anticipated rain, we moved along…as fast as you can with nine people including five kids. When we got back to the Sky Safari for our ride back we found out it was closed due to lightening.

We kept pace as we looked at animals and walked back towards the safety of the shelter…every step we anticipated a down pouring of rain. It seemed like we would look up at the sky, back at the kids and ahead to the next area of shelter.

We finally made it out of Africa with only a few drops of rain and hopped on the tram to take us back to the zoo entrance. It cleared a bit and we even were able to jump on the merry go round…adults and all. The ride operator was dramatic, entertaining and funny…I would give her the grade of awesome…watching and listening to her was even better than the ride itself. In fact her pre-ride speech was longer than the ride.


That is the word for the day.

The anticipation gave us plenty to talk about before, during and after our zoo adventure.

Anticipation is healthiest when it is powered by hope and optimism with a dash of reality.