Posts from June 2015

Extended Time …

Earlier this week I arrived home a little late. Leigh-Ann had experienced a long day with the boys and so as soon as we finished dinner, they showered and put on pajamas. It was her plan to put them in bed….EARLY. This is a point of contention in our household. I have a tendency to […]

My City Matters

This past week had been filled with preparation for the 4th annual @mycitymatters missions trip to KC. It all started at lunch…“Wouldn’t it be awesome if 500 young adults came and spent time learning about and serving the city’s hopes, dreams and needs?” And so My City Matters began. Launched as a partnership of two […]


This past week we were able to make a visit to the KC Zoo with some very close friends. It just so happened that rain was in the forecast (hard to believe, huh :)?). We have an annual pass with all the rides included (the kids got to me on a good day), so we […]