Jeep Wave

This morning I was in the waiting room of a hospital to have prayer with someone going into surgery. While sitting there, I read the news on my phone and then decided to catch up on some Bible reading (trying to earn my next You Version badge :).

While minding my own business, I couldn’t help but hear the conversation of a family of about eight people in the waiting room.

They were talking about their vehicles and the problems they were having: getting towed, electrical issues, etc.

Then they started talking about a “Jeep Wave.”

I must admit, I was lost…There was a young couple sitting together and the female was telling the family about her experience driving the Jeep for the first time. She knew she was supposed to wave at other Jeeps. She went into detail about how she anticipated the first “wave” and unfortunately on her first opportunity she didn’t get a wave back.

No surprise, she was disappointed…Jeep drivers are supposed to wave…duh.

At this point, I decided to Google “Jeep Wave” for some enlightenment. The urban dictionary defines it this way, ” When two jeep wranglers pass each other on opposite sides of the road, the drivers wave to each other in a polite fashion, in the event that your hands are frozen to the wheel a head nod is acceptable.”

I think I want to buy a Jeep…it seems so much more exciting than a Ford 500 or a Dodge Minivan :: Four wheel drive, tough, open air and now….A JEEP WAVE!

As I consider the implications of a Jeep Wave, I realize that the wave is universally expected among Jeep drivers.

There is a comparison here for Christ followers. We may not have a wave, but we do have a universal expectation…sacrificial service.

Just like Jeep owners are expected to wave, Christ followers are expected to serve.

This Sunday, we finish out our three week “What if the Church” series and I will bring a sermon from Mark 8:27-34. The big idea is, Mission-It’s a God Thing.”

When Jeep drivers fail to wave…there is a feeling of emptiness…and when Christians fail to serve there is also an emptiness.

I hope you will be challenged to live on mission on purpose, its what Christians do.