Imperfect and Loving It

Over the past few days I have felt plenty of love in our family. This love was mostly felt when imperfections were overwhelmingly present. Imperfections such as:

  • Dog presents
  • Smelly shin guards
  • Oversized cowboy boots
  • Shooting pineapple chunks
  • Splinters
  • Dirty, sweaty, smiling kids

Here is some context…

A few days ago, I was running behind and so Leigh-Ann packed some practice clothes and shoes so I could meet them at a soccer game. I put my shoes in the bag and then noticed that the bag smelled pretty bad. I had mowed the lawn the day before and had stepped on a “dog mine” if you know what I mean. If we had only been dating, I’m sure it would have grossed her out, but after nearly 16 years of marriage and more kids and pets than I can count…a little dog present didn’t even make our evening conversation. And that is one reason I love our family.

I give the kids a hard time about this, but when we are driving home from a game or practice and they take off their shin guards or cleats…you had better watch out. The odor can be enough to wilt flowers. And that is another reason I love our family, we can be oursmellves (just made that up :)).

Our youngest has discovered cowboy boots. They are still way to big. He looks ridiculous as he clops and trips around in them. And that is another reason I love our family, he doesn’t have to look perfect to be appreciated.

Last night, I stopped by Sonic with the girls for half price shakes after soccer practice. As I was sucking down my pineapple shake, a chunk of pineapple torpedoed through my straw to the back of my throat causing me to choke and cough. I would have been embarrassed if I was with certain people, but since it was my kids we all just laughed and laughed.

This morning, Isaiah came into our room with a splinter in his foot. Leigh-Ann carefully and lovingly pulled it out. She has a unique gift as a mother and watching her in action makes me love her and my family more all the time.

On Wednesday, I was able to take Dallas on a field trip. It was fun just to meet his friends and to see him in action. He is quite the socialite. What I love about Kindergartners is that they have no inhibitions. They run, sweat, jump and get dirty and think nothing of it. Family is similar, even if we are dirty or sweaty it doesn’t make a difference, we love each other no matter how we look or smell or sound :).

This Sunday, I am very excited to share a sermon about feeling loved from Romans 5:5. Paul writes that “God’s love is poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.” I love the word picture of  God’s love being poured into our hearts.

I look forward to sharing that in spite of our many imperfections and flaws, God has an infinite supply of love that can be poured directly into our heart…and we can even go back for seconds.

And speaking of pouring, this Sunday we will have some specialty coffee from the Roasterie. So come on ready to get filled up with love and coffee.