Lost Contact

A few days ago I lost the contact lens for my right eye…and I had just opened a new case. This presents a problem for someone like me who tries to get as much life as possible out of each contact.

So I started looking closely in the sink and on the counter. As time went on, I looked closer and closer. I began expanding my search to my shirt, my shirt sleeve, my eye (you never know), the floor, the faucet, the sink again and the counter again and again.

I discovered something very significant while searching for my contact…the closer I looked at the sink, counter, faucet, floor and even my face, the more imperfections I found.

I was pretty much amazed at how many problems I discovered when I began to look critically at the surfaces.

This was certainly not my intention in the beginning, but pretty soon, I stopped worrying about my contact lens and started getting frustrated with the imperfections around me.

This can happen in many areas of life…

It goes like this…we begin to experience problems in our life…maybe a bad day or a simple failure. We sincerely start looking at ourselves critically pursuing  a solution. Then while looking closely at ourselves we begin to look just as closely at others around us…what began as a critical search for our own problems now has turned into a critical discovery of many problems around us.

We quickly become judgmental and even cynical of others around us while at the same time forgetting that our initial search was for flaws in our own life.

If you can relate to this, the solution is not to try to fix everyone else, but recognize that through Jesus we have been ushered into an environment of grace.

There is grace for ourselves and certainly for everyone around us!

This Sunday, I am very excited to share a sermon from Romans 5:2 on experiencing grace. I am confident that you will be challenged to re-think your perspective of yourself and others while at the same time experiencing a greater appreciation for God’s grace.