Peace with God and glue

Yesterday I took a break from studying for my Sunday sermon and attempted to insulate  my office where I have had a sound issue. Two main concerns:

1. Sound travelled between the office space next to me like there were no walls.
2. Sound travelled between my office and the restroom like there were no walls…hence the high priority.

The only solution to this sound problem was to cut insulation to fit in between the ceiling joists where it was open space (see attached photo).

So, I cut the insulation, painted it brown and tapped it into place. Then I filled in the remaining gaps with spray insulation. Which was a great idea until I realized that it was dripping/dropping through the gap on to my office wall, frames, desk and carpet.

Fortunately, some of the insulation landed right in my trash can…unfortunately much of it landed elsewhere.

I scurried up the ladder, wiped it up and off with my hands and then tried to wipe off my hands…

…Not so much…

That spray insulation not only adhered to my hands it also began to attract the dirt and particles on anything I touched. Within minutes my hands were filthy and sticky.

I tried to wash them with soap and water and the insulation laughed at me….:).

Last night after I got home I tried acetone, coconut oil, grease cutting soap, hot water…I tried my best to peel it off little by little and still no luck.

I have attached a pic of my hands  from this morning. Throughout the day today it has come off a little at a time…but my hands still look incredibly dirty.

Spray insulation – 1
Troy’s hands – 0

Looking at my hands today has been a reminder of how sin quickly and soundly adheres to my heart. Apart from something (or Someone)  supernatural, there is really no hope of getting a clean heart on my own.

The holy (pure, perfectly clean) nature of God is stirred up with wrath towards filthy sin and as a result my heart and God’s holiness are at odds.

This Sunday, I will share a sermon from Romans 5:1 about how to find peace with God. Then when there is peace with God, how we can experience peace from God. Then when we experience peace from God we can be confident that  our relationships will be transformed.

Now, I just need to make peace with my hands….