Posts from March 2015

New Life Sunday … Story of the Soul

As I type, I can hear a drill working away on a hole through about twenty eight inches of ceramic tile and brick. This has been an ongoing project this week. It began with the cable guy (not Larry) coming to install the internet for New Life CityChurch. On Tuesday, he gave it his best […]

New Life Sunday … At 1717 McGee

Happy Friday! As of today, I can check another item off of my bucket list….drum roll…. Driving a 40 foot boom… To begin we have had incredible volunteers over the past several weeks. We have battled through multiple setbacks, deadlines and inspections…so that we have been given the ok for a “temporary” use on Sunday. […]

New Location

This week has been packed with work, planning, organizing and packing for the move over to 1717 McGee. Our new space is going to be INCREDIBLE!!! But we are not quite there yet…we are in process. Process can be painful. Process means we are not settled…life is unpredictable…surprises are inevitable…and peace is not always […]