Fender Benders and Relationships

This morning I dropped the kids off at school and headed back downtown. I merged into traffic from the on-ramp and then heard this LOUD, BOOMING, SCRAPING sound. I looked to my left and immediately beside me was the source of the noise.

It was a fender bender…or more like a bumper crusher for the two cars involved. Since we were in heavy traffic the cars were only travelling 15-20 mph but the damage was significant.

In the split second I had to observe everything going on in the lane next to me, I noticed quite a bit.

• The damage was probably enough to total at least one car.
• Based on the profile of the driver, and the fact that I don’t remember hearing any brakes, I am guessing a cell phone was involved
• The driver at fault had an incredibly surprised and scared look on his face (and some of you thought it was going to be “her” face….shame on you :)).
• The morning schedule of the two drivers, emergency workers and thousands of cars commuting in to work was impacted
Fender benders and relationship problems seem to have a lot in common.

• They always affect more people than you expect
• They often are a surprise to one or more of the people involved
• They each seem to cause an incredible amount of anxiety and fear
• Often they are caused by a small fault or oversight and were never intended to cause pain to anyone
Relationships are an integral part of our lives and the book of Romans has much to say about experiencing and sharing in healthy constructive relationships. This Sunday, I am sharing a sermon on relationships from Romans 1-3. Although we have no shortage of accidents when it comes to relationships and life, the good news is that God restores brokenness, forgives failures and has a perfect plan for our future.

So far the study has been enlightening and challenging for me and I pray it will be the same for you.