Excuse me…who is this?

A few minutes ago, I heard someone talking under my seat.

Hello….Hello…Troy, are you there?

Then I realized I had pocket dialed a friend. Once the reality of the situation became apparent, I scrambled to pull my phone out and talk before he gave up trying to talk.

We shared a nice laugh over it and finished out our conversation.

But that is not all…

Earlier in the day, I sent a text message to another friend about getting in to a dinners for eight group at New Life CityChurch. And this is the text conversation that followed:

No Thanks

 Are you sure…

I’m positive

 Is everything ok

Yea it’s just that I don’t know you


How’d you get my #

 This is Troy Campbell

How Exactly Do You Know My # Because I’m Pretty Sure I Don’t Know you

 I must have the wrong number…was looking for __________

Um well I’m jaelynn sorry I’m pretty sure you’ve got the wrong #

 Ok, it was worth a laugh

Ok um well I hope you end up finding the right number

Yep, I don’t know a jaelynn and I’m pretty sure that my invitation to a dinner for eight group was a bit awkward.

It has put a smile on my face though…

Within the last hour, I have had two pretty significant communication issues. One issue resulted from calling someone that I hadn’t intended to call and the second issue was that the person I thought I was texting was not who I was texting.

This Sunday, Pastor Dave Robinson will be attempting to communicate to us from Romans 3 that we are “Bad to the Bone.” This is a message that is for everyone, so there is not a chance he will have the wrong number. I know there will be much for us to learn and apply and I hope you can attend at 10:45am.

In the  meantime, I’ve learned a good lesson in communication. 🙂


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