A few days ago, I went our for a run and fired up a podcast from Craig Groeschel ( I was running along and then I got hit between the eyes.

It was so powerful that I remember EXACTLY where I was when I heard and almost felt the podcast bomb. I was just getting across the street and starting to run up a hill towards Truman Hospital when Craig Groeschel asked, “If all of your prayers from last week were answered exactly as you requested, what would that say about your level of faith?”

Then he went on to talk about how many of us would have had a safe trip, slept well and had eaten food that was blessed.

But how risky was our prayer life?

If we’re not even praying for God to do amazing things…how can we expect to experience God doing amazing things?

Just some thoughts for a Wednesday…please come on out to New Life CityChurch tonight at 7:00pm for prayer in a group.



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