God is faithful…always and forever.

The kids and I have a ritual during  our ride to school in the morning. I choose a number one through ten and then they  pick to see who gets the closest to the number. The winner gets to pray first. Then that person picks a number and we guess at it and the winner prays. This happens until everyone has prayed.

It’s pretty fun….and of course praying is always a good thing.

After we finished our game this morning, I asked our kindergartner a few of his spelling words. Now he is brilliant (like his mother :)), however he struggles with focus at times.

So the spelling word was, “was.”

I knew from earlier that he kept spelling it, “wuz.” Which makes sense….I guess.

So, this morning he got out…W………………….A……long silence….a car driving by….maybe a bird….and then …….M….P….E.

I looked at him in the rearview and said, WAMPE….are you serious?

I envisioned myself in Kindergarten and knew that focus was not my strong suit either. I reminded myself that I needed to have patience and that his little heart is very impressionable so I shouldn’t crush him…but it was hard not to laugh (am I a terrible parent?).

I seriously could not figure out how he could spell the word “was” …W..A..M..P..E.

After giving him a few more chances, he finally got it right.

He is a great kid and excels at so much (yes, I am a biased parent) so I am confident that he will get this spelling thing down soon. I just hope he had a great day and I really hope he aced his spelling test.

As I reflect on the morning, I wonder what goes through the mind of a five year old when attempting to spell a word. I could see he was trying really hard, drawing from all that he had been taught and could remember.

Whether we are age five or eight-five, our minds have a way of putting thoughts and concepts together and this process usually ends in an attempt to communicate those thoughts and concepts. Some have called this rationale.

This Sunday we are going to look closely at a sort of conflicting rationale. The Jews were at odds with the teaching of the Apostle Paul and as a result attempted to communicate their own rationale about God and His plan. Paul relates this to us in Romans 3:1-8 in the form of four questions and four answers.

Ultimately, we will discover that no matter how we construct our thoughts and concepts in relation to God, He is always faithful. Whether I recognize God’s work in my life or not, He is always faithful. Even if the situations that God allows into my life don’t make sense according to my rationale, God is still faithful.

In other words, Gods faithfulness is not dependent on my behavior…and that is incredibly encouraging. I look forward to celebrating the faithfulness of God on Sunday at 10:45am. We only have a few weeks left at 1828 Walnut-4th Floor, KCMO and then we will be moving just three blocks over to 1717 McGee, KCMO.

Have a great weekend!
Breaking News: Just learned that Dallas spelled “was” correctly on his test. That’s my boy!!!

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