Hope at the gas pump…

This past Tuesday the temperature took a dive. Mid-day, I was out and about and needed to get some gas. So I zipped up my coat, put on my gloves and started pumping gas.

The pump was really slow. So slow that the driver of a Plumbing van pulled up after me, went inside to pre-pay and when he came out, my tank was still not even half full.

He started pumping his gas and then came around to me and said, “I thought it was just you, but these pumps are really slow.”

I said, “yeah and its really cold out here.”

He replied, “It’s not cold, you just have to know how to dress.”

I wasn’t going to tell him, but he was talking to a professional Minnesotan…no need to brag…and the truth is, Minnesota or not, I was freezing.

He went on to tell me how blessed he was to have a job, a vehicle, warm clothes and food for lunch. He made a point to tell me that his blessings were from God.

I took my cue, whipped out my wallet and handed him a business card while I told him I was a pastor.

I wish I could have captured this next moment on video….

He got a huge grin on his face, stepped around the gas pump right over to me and gave me a HUGE hug. When he let go, he was laughing and he said….“I can’t believe I was testifying to a pastor about how good God is…God is so good.”

I told him, “bro, that was awesome…and I don’t think our meeting was an accident.”

He said, “can I get an AMEN?”

After that, he hopped into his van and then he said, do you recognize me? Have you seen the movie, “We are Superman?” He took off his hat, pulled back his hood and said, “I’m Dwight…from the movie.”

With that he drove away, and I haven’t forgotten what it felt like to get a big hug on a cold day from a complete stranger who loves God.

I was given a physical reminder that there is hope for a weary world.

Perhaps the greatest reminder of hope for a weary world comes from the birth of Jesus. This Sunday at New Life CityChurch we are going find hope in the journey to Bethlehem from Luke 2:1-20.

But before the sermon, our New Life kids will perform, “Christmas around the world.”

Bundle up, and come early for some hot coffee. See you at 10:45am on Sunday.



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