Posts from December 2014

Unexpected intersections for prayer

This morning while wrapping up our Tuesday  morning Bible study at @newlifekc, we had a visitor that was unexpected to us, but totally expected by God. Since Leigh-Ann and I moved downtown, we have frequently visited the @myfamilydollar store on 31st and Troost. The employees have always been very kind and welcoming. As a result, […]

New Life Sunday – Timeout…

This morning our 2 year old earned a time-out. The crime was that he and his 4 year old brother decided to wake up their oldest brother. Christmas morning is the annual mulligan in our household for waking up siblings. Otherwise it is off limits. When you have five kids, time in bed is invaluable. […]


Subject: Didn’t find that but look what I found! BOOOM! We rocked this one! This is the subject line for an email I just received a few minutes ago from Leigh-Ann who was looking for something different, but came across an email thread from a few years ago while we were in a heated battle […]