I hear something…

Last week I shared about the hike that Leigh-Ann and I took into the mountains in Vermont. I didn’t take the time to share about the lives that we saved…yep, you read that right.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call ourselves heroes…but we did walk right into an opportunity to help a couple who was stranded…on their balcony.

So…we arrived at our resort after our curfew…it was like 1:00am. We picked up our keys that were left sitting in the lodge and then made the attempt to find our home away from home.

It was a dark and stormy night as we attempted to read the map and then we heard something…above the noise of the engine and the one radio station that we could get with only a little static.

It sounded like someone yelling.

We rolled down our windows and drove toward the sound.

There it was again…it sounded like someone yelling.

We finally spotted two people up on a second story balcony frantically yelling and waving their hands at us. We drove closer and they began to yell that they were locked out. They had walked out onto the balcony without coats or cell phones, the door shut and locked behind them and they had been out there in 40 degree temps for an hour and a half.

And they were glad to see us.

I immediately called the front desk and since it was closed was routed to the emergency security office and went to voicemail…2x. I told the stranded couple we would drive over to look for someone that could help us and that is when I dialed the security office for the third time.

I walked into the office to find one lone officer with his cell phone in his hand watching a movie…he quickly told me that he didn’t get good reception in the office.

No comment…lol.

In spite of his epic fail, he was a nice guy who immediately followed us over to the stranded couple and they were rescued.

They were so grateful. They even told the front desk about our heroic rescue 🙂 the next day.

One moral of this story is to pay attention when you hear someone shouting…or… when they write you an email…like this one.

Here are some things I would like to communicate:

  • This Sunday we continue our study in Romans. Pastor Dave will be preaching from Romans 1:28-32.
  • Tomorrow (Saturday) you are invited to our hangout at the farm. Bring your own hot dogs, marshmallows and side dishes. New Life will provide hot cider and cocoa.
  • Sunday, we continue our New Life Community  gatherings from 9:30-10:30. Here are the offerings:
    • Kids – Choir practice for the Christmas program
    • Teens – Meet on the 8th floor for laughter and learning
    • Adults – Bible classes or community fellowship

I really hope you can be here for the 9:30am community gathering and the 10:45am worship service. But first, we have some hot dogs and marshmallows to roast.

Have a great weekend!


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