Gospel Reset…

Yesterday I received a text from my cell phone provider that I had reached my data limit. This was a bit of a surprise since I typically use very little data over the course of the month.

I immediately assumed it was one of the other 4 phones in our family data plan. It never occurred to me that I could be the one over the limit for data usage. In fact I had my hunch on who was using all the data, but I won’t share that publicly :).

Well, last night after we got the kids to bed, I decided to go into my settings to double check that I had my wifi settings turned on.

I did.

But I noticed something strange, even though it was turned on it didn’t seem to look right. So I tried to reset it…and all I could get was the spinning icon letting me know it was loading.

I then decided to remove the wifi from our house and re-load it. It removed the “campbells” wifi, but would only spin when I tried to re-load it.

I went to bed thinking that the data limit could be related to my phone. When I woke up this morning, I decided to listen to a podcast while jogging and that is when I decided to check my wifi again….still loading.

I envisioned a day on hold with customer service…and that is when I decided to do what they would suggest that I do first.

I reset the whole phone.

When it fired up again, the wifi was working.

No long phone conversations with someone on another continent reading steps to me in broken English. No more warnings about data limits and me blaming someone else in my head. No more OCD over a phone that is not working as intended.

All my phone needed to work as intended was a reset.

This Sunday, I am planning to share about a different type of reset…a Gospel reset from Romans 1:14-17. The Gospel (good news) is not something that is intended to work one time in our life to provide a safety net for our eternal life. The Gospel is something that needs to be working at all times.

In fact, when the Gospel stops working in our lives….we reach our limits extremely fast and quickly go into overdraft mode. This looks like: poor choices, unnecessary guilt, ongoing sin, legalism, etc. When the Gospel is an authentic and powerful part of our lives we will share it eagerly and shamelessly.

If you think a Gospel reset may be what you need for your life to begin working again as intended, then I highly suggest that you come on out on Sunday at 10:45am . See you there!


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