Royals win…

I begin this email with a disclaimer and an apology. My disclaimer is that I grew up in Minnesota and from the beginning have cheered for the Twins and the Vikings. In addition to that, I am a loyal person and for whatever reason feel like I am abandoning a childhood friend if I don’t cheer for my childhood teams.

Recently, it has not been easy to be a Twins and a Vikings fan. However, when I was age 11 and age 15 the Twins won the World Series.

I will never forget!

With that said, I have become a HUGE ROYALS fan…(like I’m the only one or something :)). I am apologizing because I feel like I have cheated or cut in line. I haven’t been committed to the Royals since 1985 like some of you.

Most of the games I’ve attended over the past 15 years I haven’t even paid attention to the score…it hasn’t really ever mattered.


This past week I have watched two full games and cheered like a lifelong fan. I feel that it is my duty to stay up until the end…as a sort of penance for jumping on the bandwagon so late.

When Salvador Perez hit the game winner on Tuesday, I thought I was going to come unglued. All day Wednesday, everyone was talking about the Royals. Then last night, they did it again in Anaheim in the 11th inning.

I have talked with friends…I have tweeted…I have even talked with complete strangers about our amazing KC Royals.

The momentum and excitement is contagious, it’s electrifying.

And to be honest, it’s a game…grown men in creepy beards and tight pants trying to hit a ball well enough to allow them to run around the bases and score more runs than the other team.

What is it that makes me want to talk about the Royals with anyone who will listen?

I will leave that for someone smarter than me to answer. However, this Sunday I am going to attempt to answer the question about how in the first century, people could not stop talking about the good news of Jesus.

The title of my sermon from Romans 1:8-13 is, “Contagious Christianity.” This may be hard to believe, but even if the Royals win the World Series, in a few months the excitement and momentum will have died down. There will be no “waiting rooms” on the Royals website for thousands of fans hoping to score a ticket. Life will be settled down, and most of the crowds will be looking for another adrenaline rush.

On the contrary, Jesus will still be changing lives, transforming relationships and providing an excitement that is eternal. I look forward to that conversation on Sunday. In the meantime, we need to pray for a win in Aneheim.


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