New Life Sunday – Backyard Ball…

Our boys love to play sports…especially football and baseball. This is the time of year that it gets really fun to throw on a sweatshirt and run some passing routes outside.

Unless you are age 5, 3 (almost 4) and 2…then it is more like running for a pass and watching the ball hit you in the head…shoulder….chest…or even miss you completely.

I have started to teach the boys some of the positions in football.

I have one of them line up behind me as the quarterback to hand off to the running back and then if we have Ian playing, one of them will line up on defense. Our other formation is for one to be the center and hike the ball to me at quarterback and then I throw to the wide receiver.

Since we have started learning the game of football, they have been much more interested in watching it on TV with me…which gives me a majority when it comes to picking the channel….oh yeah!!!

Life is good.

Just thinking about our boys makes me smile…

As I reflect on the time I get to spend playing ball with my boys, I am reminded of how God feels about spending time with me. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter much if they catch the ball or run the right way, as long as there is laughter and smiles, it is a successful outing.

God doesn’t love to spend time with  me because I perform perfectly…in fact, that is impossible. God loves to spend time with me because I am his child.

This Sunday we continue into our second week of our study in Romans. Dave Robinson will be sharing a true story about a life that was radically changed as he unpacks his message on “Romans – a letter that transforms.”

I have been so encouraged by the power of the Gospel to transform my life and know that there is much more good news ahead.

And speaking of football, I think the Chiefs are going to need all the prayers that they can get to help them with the Broncos, so I suggest making it a priority to come to church first :).

Have a great evening!


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