New Life Sunday – Passing Game

This weekend my oldest daughter is participating in a soccer tournament. After driving her to games for several years, I have volunteered to assist with the coaching. There are several reasons:

  • I want to spend time with her
  • I want to learn more about the game from the head coach
  • I want to save some soccer fees
  • I want to help them get better and win games

So far I have accomplished three out of four. I don’t like to lose…but for some reason we keep losing. There have been a few moments when I wanted to run out there and score on twelve year old girls. And then I realize that I am thirty-eight and that would be equivalent to streaking at a Chiefs game.
Not a pleasant thought…sorry.
Ahhh…so amidst the frustration of being 0-2 so far in the tournament, there have been a few highlights. One of them came at half-time today.
The head coach was explaining that part of the reason for being down 1-0 is that the girls lacked trust in their teammates. As a result they were moving out of their own particular position and trying to play someone else’s position. He went on to say that the girls need to stay in their positions and pass the ball to each other.
Sounds kind of basic, but to be honest it worked pretty well when applied appropriately. The problem today was that it wasn’t applied enough.
As I consider my sermon for tomorrow, we will be studying a different type of passing game.
I will preach from Acts 9:1-22 about passing control from ourselves to Jesus Christ. Pretty basic concept, and it works very well when applied appropriately. Too often the reason we don’t transfer control to Christ is because we do not trust that He can handle it.
That sounds pretty preposterous as I type it out, but the reality is that we have invested far too much control in ourselves and we are attempting to play life on our own.
That never works!
So tomorrow is a new day….and we will have a new game and hopefully another opportunity to put a win on the board, but far more important than that is the fact that we will spend time studying the conversion of a control freak. We will learn from Saul how important it is for us to transfer control to Jesus.
Have a great evening and hope to see you tomorrow,

Announcement: Don’t forget to come early for some breakfast and our final discussion about our future including a potential change of name.All the fun starts at 9:30am.


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