New Life Sunday- Pool Rescue…

Last week we took our annual family vacation to Branson. The kids had a blast canoeing, hiking, mini-golfing and eating…but their favorite was swimming.
The girls have been able to swim for several years, but the boys are in process. Dallas and Isaiah have learned to swim under water, to tread water and to do a limited “doggy paddle” to get them to the safety at the edge of the pool.
About halfway through our vacation, Dallas was getting pretty brave and was swimming across the pool in water that was over his head.
Leigh-Ann and I were at the opposite end of the pool enjoying our vacation…when we noticed him struggling.
Within seconds, he started to freak out and then quickly began to shout…HELP! HELP!
While quickly moving towards Dallas, I made eye contact with an adult swimming nearby who wasn’t sure what to do, then I glanced over to see a mom ready to jump in until she noticed me coming to be the hero.
It seemed like slow motion as I ripped off my shirt, threw my phone safely on top and jumped in to save my boy. As soon as I reached Dallas, he relaxed. I set him on the edge of the pool and told him he better put on his floaties.
Full disclaimer…the pool was only about twenty feet across and five feet deep and Dallas was treading enough that he never went under water. There were no live news interviews and about 10 seconds after pulling Dallas out of the pool, everyone went back to their lazy afternoon.
But I saved Dallas. Beyond a vacation rescue, salvation is something for everyone. The problem is that unlike my heroic pool rescue (note that is dripping in sarcasm) there are a lot of people who don’t care to accept salvation, they actually want to become the savior.
This Sunday we will be studying about “wannabe saviors” from the story of the prodigal son found in Luke 15:11-32. The truth is, you will never be a savior, but you will always need a Savior.
I am very excited to share more this Sunday. Don’t forget to come early around 9:30am for some breakfast, fellowship and discussion with the elders.
Have a great weekend!
Announcement: We have scheduled a baptism celebration for Sunday, September 7th at 5:00pmat Lake Quivira. If you would like to participate, just reply or talk to one of the elders.


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