New Life Sunday – Some assembly required…

Leigh-Ann is a rock star.
We have been looking for some additional outdoor seating and on Monday she found two outdoor rocking chairs (see what I did there) for 75% off.
Since I am a pretty typical guy, I looked at the directions for a few seconds and then went for it.
The first chair went pretty smooth, although I must admit that I did stop a few times to figure some things out. The second chair was a breeze. It was so easy because I had just experienced everything necessary for assembly. I knew exactly what it was going to look like and I knew exactly what was necessary to put the chair together.
Whether it is a walk down an unknown path, the plan for our life or assembling rocking chairs, things go much better when we know what the end result will look like.
For some reason, God does not give us the ability to look ahead and see the destiny of our life.
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to go back to high school?
I know I would be a better student, athlete, friend, etc., the second time through.
In case you’re wondering….that’s not an option.
The only option we have is to trust the one Person who can see down the road to our destiny–God.
This Sunday we continue our sermon series entitled, “Facing our giants.” Over the past four weeks we have studied some of the giants that we tend to encounter in life. This week we are going to transition to a playbook on how to face our giants…our play for Sunday comes from Genesis 22:1-19. This is the story about Abraham offering Isaac as a sacrifice. The challenge we are given from Abraham is to trust in the Lord, because He sees ahead of me.
In fact, after Abraham completes this test from God and experiences success, he named the place, “Yahweh Yirah” which means, “the Lord who sees ahead of me.”
I am very excited for this study, because our God sees ahead of us and as a result there is no giant that we cannot defeat.
I hope to see you on Sunday!
Announcement: Happy Hour starts this Sunday at 9:30am. We will have waffles and coffee and then at 9:45am the elders are planning to open a 30 minute discussion about how to develop meaningful relationships within our New Life church family.


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