New Life Sunday – Facebook and my flesh…

I like to get “likes” on facebook
I like to control my destiny (as opposed to being in an airport waiting for someone else to control it)
I like being in the crowd in a stadium that is excited and loud
I like thermostats
I like an occasional pat on the back
I like freedom of speech
Life is full of options to control and gratification to experience. A glance at your Smartphone will reveal thousands of apps, tools and programs for you to control. A moment to reflect on the past 24 hours will reveal opportunities for personal gratification such as the menu at Burger King, your post on facebook or the catalog with the new fall fashions.
The feeling that you experience following your brush with gratification or control is neutral. It is not wrong to feel good when you receive a thank you note, or flip the channel on TV, pick out a good movie or hear someone tell you how much they appreciate you (even if it is a simple “like” online). God made us to feel good and as a result to worship Him.
There is a fine line between feeling good and worshiping God and feeling good and worshiping the feeling.
When we worship the feeling, our next step will be to compromise our morals to get more of the feeling and as a result we will exercise the “works of the flesh.”
This Sunday, we will attempt to tackle this issue in the series, Facing our Giants.” The giant for this week is the giant of our flesh: I don’t need to keep my eyes on God. We will study from Matthew 14:22-33 about Jesus and Peter walking on water and then Peter falling. The good news is that even after a fall into the water, Jesus is still there for the rescue. I know I have been encouraged by this sermon and I hope you will be encouraged also.

Have a great weekend!



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