New Life Sunday – Watch out for the cones…

This afternoon I got in my car to drive to meet another urban pastor. I was running a few minutes behind and was on the phone while attempting to back out of a very tight parking situation.
I didn’t hit any cars, but I did back over a bright orange cone. I didn’t notice it until I saw some guy in my rearview mirror signaling me. I’m pretty sure if I could have heard the adjectives running through his mind, it would not have been a boost to my confidence.
In my defense, the cones are not typically in that location and they were not high enough to see in my rear view mirror.
Part of me wanted to run over them again…but the mature part of me decided it would be best to humbly admit my fault and ask for his forgiveness.
I am pretty certain if I had decided to run over them again, I wouldn’t be writing about this in my email :).
Like a good pastor, I ignored the condescension that I was feeling from this guy, parked my car and apologized.
He changed his demeanor (at least in my opinion) and waved me on as he gathered up the cones.
When I infringed on the cones, I accidently started a bit of a “turf war.”
A “turf war” is a struggle for territory, power, control, or rights.
This Sunday we will study from 3 John 9-14 about a different “turf war.” This “turf war” was intentional and it was within the church.
Unfortunately, it took much longer to reconcile and had more damaging effects than  my little run-in in the parking lot. I am confident that we can learn from this example and avoid damaging “turf wars” in our own church.
In the meantime, I’ll pay more attention to where I’m going.


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