New Life Sunday…like riding a bike

Over the past few weeks Dallas has learned to ride his bike. It has been a bit of a process. Some kids get on the bike and ride off into the sunset…others it is more of a process.
This process has not been without bumps and bruises…everything from falling over in the alley, to a ride down a steep embankment, to a crash into the retaining wall. I remember one evening a few weeks ago while I was outside helping him after a few spills, Dallas just walked his bike into the garage.
He didn’t say a word.
He had decided he was done.
Well, I am happy to say that he is now racing up and down the alley without any help from anyone. He loves to be able to ride.
In the midst of this, Isaiah noticed that he was riding without training wheels and begged me to take them off. Several weeks ago, we took a few runs at it and then decided we better spend a bit more time with the training wheels. Well, this past week after Dallas became a bit of a  bicycle master in his own rite, Isaiah was ready for another run on two wheels.
I helped him for a while and then decided to mow the lawn.
And then it happened….
While mowing the lawn, I noticed something amazing out of the corner of my eye. Dallas had stepped off of his bike and was holding the back of Isaiah’s bike helping him to ride.
When I saw this, I immediately thought of the lesson in discipleship from a 3 and a 5 year old. Dallas willingly gave up his right to ride his bike and reached out to help Isaiah.
While I was mowing the lawn, the boys were not only behaving, one was learning a new skill and the other was teaching.
Imagine if this happened in your spiritual walk…learning from a mentor and then sharing with a mentee.
God planned it this way for Christians and He certainly desires this for New Life. With this in mind,this Sunday is going to be a great service. Victor Irving will be sharing from Romans 8 about grace and hope that is available in any circumstance of life. Whether you crash on your bike, in your career or even in some of your closest relationships, there is hope.
I hope (pun intended) you can make it!


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