New Life Sunday – True story…

Last night and again today, Cru (  provided the means to bring Josh McDowell to New Life for two different talks. I was incredibly moved by Josh’s story last night (
For 40 minutes he shared the raw truth of what it felt like to grow up in an abusive home. He was physically beaten by his alcoholic father. He was also sexually abused by a man staying in his home.
Josh McDowell’s childhood was filled with overwhelming pain and suffering which resulted in incredible anger.
Fortunately, his story does not end with pain and suffering. Through Christ Josh found forgiveness and hope and through his mentors at church he found healing and growth. The love that Josh has for his children and grandchildren is unmistakable. The power of God has allowed him to break the cycle and raise children and grandchildren that love God and love people.
As I look ahead to this Fathers day weekend, I am very grateful that I have a father who was loving. He enjoyed spending time with me and teaching me so many lessons about life.
One of my favorite stories as a kid was when I drove the car up on the oil ramps for the first time and hit the gas a bit too hard. I drove the car right over the top…dad walked out of the house as I was getting out of the car that was now awkwardly resting on the ramp. Dad never really said much at all except, “we better get the jack out so we can try it again.” One reaction that I will never forget!
Fatherhood is a privilege and a responsibility.
This Sunday, we will celebrate Fathers day with a challenge from 3 John to develop cooperative relationships. We will discover that love, hospitality and generosity are non-negotiables for a successful home.
I hope you can attend the service this Sunday at 10:45am as we celebrate fathers and learn the power of cooperation.
God Bless!


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