New Life Sunday…the pursuit of hope!

This afternoon I received a surprise visit from a young man that I had a mentoring relationship with more than a year ago. He came off the elevator…walked into the bathroom…and then walked towards the coffee shop where I was seated.
It wasn’t until he was just a few feet away that I began to recognize him.
The affect of Meth was undeniable. All I could think of was the “faces of Meth” video I have watched on You Tube.
He had been on the street for a while and was hungry and thirsty, so I found him some pizza and a can of coke in the fridge.
For thirty minutes I listened to his story about the last 12 months roll off his tongue. Nearly unbelievable stories of almost anything you could imagine.
In my mind I could see what he looked like as a healthy 23 year old…but now he looked 2x his current age. He was in pain…he was without hope…he was pathetic.
I wanted to give him a 5 step plan to getting his life back together…I didn’t want to ever have to look at him like this again.
I just wanted to fix him!
He couldn’t see it…unfortunately, he is probably the only person in the world who couldn’t see his own path to destruction. I backed off from giving advice this afternoon and decided to listen and love on him.
I don’t know if he will accept hope found in a relationship with Jesus or not…but I know I can say or do will be enough. He needs Jesus!
Too often, we are like this friend…we fail to see our own bad decisions…we refuse to accept help from those who love us and care for us…we continue to drive our life toward destruction.
I was reading this week from Romans 15 and was moved by this statement, “The Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.”
This Sunday, Dave Robinson (our newest New Life Elder) is going to take us to the Scriptures and will be sharing a sermon entitled, “Why keep the faith when defeat seems sure?”
It is going to be AWESOME!!! I think every person in the world needs a fresh dose of hope.
In the meantime, come on down this evening to New Life for First Fridays….we will have a band, art from the students at Pitcher Elementary and opportunities to share the hope of Jesus.
And if you can’t make it down tonight, come on over to Mount Pisgah Baptist Church tomorrow for our “What if the Church” work day from 8:30am – 12:30pm. Bring yard tools, paint brushes and work gloves if you have them.
Have a great evening!


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