New Life Sunday – Unlikely masterpiece

Several days ago I was driving the girls home from soccer practice and Sophie asked if she could use a piece of paper out of my journal. I am not a fan of tearing paper out of my journal. Maybe it’s a flash of OCD, but I don’t like ragged, torn edges in a leather bound book.
If I had a notebook, I wouldn’t have had a problem at all….but my journal???
Well, I thought about it for a few seconds and then realized it was a very small sacrifice. So I tore the paper out of my journal and handed it to Sophia in the back seat.
The rest of our ride was pretty uneventful and when we pulled in the driveway, she handed me her project. Here is what it said (I have also attached a pic):
Dear Dad,
I love ya’! Thank-you for the peice (sic) of paper! You are AWESOME! U R gr8! U R a rock-star!
Um, that is worth more than anything I could write in my journal. She took a torn and ragged piece of paper and turned it into a masterpiece that I want to frame.
As I reflect on this story, I am reminded that God does this on a regular basis.
God takes pleasure in transforming torn and ragged people into masterpieces. 
This Sunday we will study part 2 of the book of Philemon. This is the story of a ragged and torn relationship that is restored by the grace of God.
There is hope for each of us. We may have ragged and torn relationships and feel like we are without hope and stripped of value, but God loves to restore people and relationships between people.
I am sure there are a few relationships in my life that need God’s touch and you may be able to think of a few also. I suggest that you take a few minutes to imagine what God wants to do with your broken relationships. It’s not a bad idea to read through the book of Philemon either…
Have a great weekend!


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