New Life Sunday…#newlifesoc

God changes lives!
If you were not able to attend the New Life spirit of Christmas last night, you missed an evening that was packed with testimonies to the fact that God changes lives.
Lives that were handcrafted by God before birth became trashed by the influence and control of Satan.
However, our trashed lives have been REDEEMED!
New Life…full of hope, vision and dreams.
The spirit of Christmas was a platform for broken people to serve broken people through music, art and inspirational stories.
The spirit of Christmas was meant to provide a space where each person held an equal amount of dignity.
It was a time for mutual respect and equality.
Christmas is an ideal time to share this message.

  • The King of Kings was born into a dirty barn and spent many nights with no place to lay His head
  • Jesus was accused of leading people astray, gluttony, drunkenness and being possessed by a demon
  • The Messiah rubbed dirty shoulders and spent His time with many in poverty

This Sunday, we will carry on the theme from the spirit of Christmas into our morning service. We will spend a majority of our time studying 1 John 5:6-12. Interestingly enough, in the midst of all the facts about the life of Jesus and the accusations against His deity, John writes down the testimony of God for the validity of His Son.
A changed life is one of many proofs to the deity of Christ!
I can’t wait to share more stories and more proof for Jesus as the reason for the season.
Merry Christmas!
P.S. If you would like to learn more about the spirit of Christmas you can see the clips from Channel 9 here:
The audio for the evening will be on our website Sunday after 2pm:


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