New Life Sunday…”What does the van say?”

A few days ago, our van died. I guess it may be more accurate to say that it went to sleep. This is like in the Bible when Jesus came to see Lazarus and he told all the friends and family that Lazarus was not dead, he was just asleep…kind of…except with the van there was no miracle necessary, just a nice guy who knows a few things about fixing vehicles.
Before you think that the engine blew or something really bad happened, it turned out to be pretty simple…
Leigh-Ann had taken the kids out in the morning and the van worked great. Then in the afternoon when she was headed out again, it was dead. No lights, no chimes and just a click when she turned the key.
When I arrived home at night, I cleaned off the battery posts and tried to jump it with my car.
No go!
Then I put a charger on it all night and in the morning the lights came on when I opened the door so I was thinking the problem was solved. Three clicks later and everything went dead.
So I called a good friend and he offered to come over to the house to take a look. He had the battery tested and it was holding a strong charge, then he decided to replace the connecter (or whatever you call it) on the negative side of the battery.
Varooom … “What does the van say?” (If you get this inside humor you must definitely be a social genius :)).
Anyway…the  van started right up and has been working great ever since.
The point I want to make from this story is that if my buddy had never tested the battery, we could have purchased a new battery and never fixed the problem. In order to test the battery, it had to be evaluated and then approved.
This Sunday we are going to spend our time studying from 1 John 4:1-6 learning about the concept of “testing” or “evaluating.” Too often we accept things that people teach and even our relationships without a process to discern good from not so good.
Imagine how valuable it will be to build processes for evaluation into your life…
I really hope you can attend this Sunday at 10:45am…”what do you say?”
Have a great weekend!


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