New Life Sunday – Love it…

I am pretty sure you have noticed by now that it is getting dark outside…way to early! The bad news about daylight savings time is that when you lose it, the only value is an extra hour of sleep…unless of course you have kids, then you don’t even get that.
It’s like clockwork, very early on the morning of “fall back” you hear the door crack open and the pitter patter of small feet. We roll over…and they roll in. Someday, we will wish the kids were around so we could miss out on an hour of sleep :).
My point is that it is getting very dark, very early.
A few nights ago, I was driving home just before six and it was already totally dark outside. I was driving along a road that was not well lit and actually was a bit worried about what I couldn’t see. 
Fortunately, the car’s headlights illuminated that path ahead. Without that light, an accident would have been inevitable.
Light is a change agent…and when there is light:
Chaos begins to make sense.
Fear gives way to confidence.
We move faster and accomplish so much more in the light.
There is a particular comparison that I plan to unpack on Sunday from 1 John 1:5 and 1 John 3:11-24:
The absence of love results in death while the presence of love produces energy and authenticity.

There is too much to lose to live without love!
I hope you can make it on Sunday…pretty sure you will love it :).


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