New Life Sunday…Home Run!!!

Leigh-Ann knocked it out of the park this week. She is definitely a home run hitter so it’s not a total surprise, however this week it came in dramatic fashion…kind of like a walk off homer.
Two weeks ago we decided to repaint our bathroom…rather I should say, she decided to repaint our bathroom. (Strike One)
It turned out great. (Home Run)
Then she decided that we needed to patch all the dings in our walls. To her point, with five kids, after a while, the walls can begin to show some wear and tear.
She decided to find every ding in every wall in our house and proceed to spackle them all. (Strike One)
Then we sanded and painted with the leftover touch up paint…and it didn’t match. (Strike Two)
By now, I’m pretty stressed out. (Foul ball)
I returned to Home Depot at least five times in an attempt to match the paint. (Foul Ball)
Long story short…after a lot of painting…re-painting…and more painting we found one that was close but not exact. (Ball)
Then over the past two days, Leigh-Ann has painted over multiple walls in our house AND figured out a way to blend it in. She has also touched up the trim paint. And it looks GREAT!!!
Maybe it’s my OCD, but just seeing all the unmatched paint on the walls was about to drive me crazy. Now, I’m actually pretty excited to go home and admire her work.
I feel the freshly painted walls calling me in….
This Sunday at New Life we will be talking about a place where we are called to live, but it’s not a house. We will study from John 15:1-17 about living in the presence of Jesus. This is a place that is full of love, obedience, joy and friendship….and of course no mismatched walls.
I hope that we can discover together the value of spending our time in the presence of Jesus.
Have a great weekend!

Announcement: I hope you can attend our missions celebration this Sunday at 5:30pm at New Life. We will enjoy a simple meal of beans and rice and a lot of pics and stories from several who have traveled on short term missions trips. Please sign up here:


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