Posts from August 2013

New Life Sunday — Spills

Earlier this week I was playing outside with the three boys. To be really honest, I was working on some putzy projects and the boys were riding bikes and trying to help me. I love having them close by, I don’t always love their help. Especially if I am applying dark brown concrete stain. I was careful […]

New Life Sunday … searching for greatness

This past week has been pretty busy…which is one of the reasons you are getting my Friday email on Saturday :). It was very late last night when we were getting the kids in bed….like after 11:00pm late… Ian was the first to go down….then Dallas and Isaiah. Typically the boys sleep with soothing music in the background but last night […]

New Life Sunday…Roasting Marshmallows

This past week we went to Branson for our family vacation and we had a great time. If you are bored and want to see our first vacation video you can click here: 🙂 One of our favorite activities was to roast marshmallows at the campfire every night. I must say that I have begun to […]

New Life Sunday…Home Run!!!

Leigh-Ann knocked it out of the park this week. She is definitely a home run hitter so it’s not a total surprise, however this week it came in dramatic fashion…kind of like a walk off homer. Two weeks ago we decided to repaint our bathroom…rather I should say, she decided to repaint our bathroom. (Strike One) It […]