New Life Sunday…feeling awkward

Today my pants are about an inch too short. I was getting ready this morning and opted to go for a pair of jeans that has never quite fit me right.
They were almost calling my name from the bottom of the pile on my shelf. They are the right color, they fit well in the waist and are seldom worn.
Now I know why….
Any time I have walked outside of my office I have felt conspicuous. I am constantly pulling them down and then glancing to see if by chance they are touching the tops of my shoes.
If I was a bit younger and cooler, I could get away with the “two inch fold high-water on purpose look” ….well, I would need some large rimmed glasses and facial hair too.
Either way, I don’t have the glasses, beard or shoes so I am stuck walking around with pants that are too short.
Pants aren’t the only reason I feel conspicuous from time to time. I have a sweater that has a higher than normal neck…I also have some shirts that are a bit short in the sleeves…I have some shorts that were ok about 10 years ago, but now they are ….pause to laugh… just a little weird looking.
My point is that there are times when I feel out of place…and I don’t like that feeling.
When it comes to our spiritual journey, there may be times that we feel out of place as well. Maybe in church it seems like everyone but you is perfect, so you feel like you have “SINNER” written across your chest. Perhaps you just can’t find common ground in a conversation, so you wrack your brain trying to think of an excuse to get away and never return.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you share the same disgust that I have for feeling out of place.
This Sunday as we study from Ephesians 3:1-13, we will discover that Paul is fighting hard to show that NO ONE should feel out of place. Because of the Gospel (good news) of Jesus we are equally guilty and equally forgiven. Paul calls it a “mystery” which simply means that Jews and Gentiles who were enemies are now “one” in Christ.
There are a few other good points that I don’t want to waste in this email…so you should come on Sunday  :). I am pretty sure, I’ll be wearing some of my “favs” so I feel super comfortable after putting up with these pants all day today.
Have a great weekend!


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