New Life Sunday – Amazing dolls and Amazing grace…

Our girls love to play with dolls. This may seem like a simple thing…but it’s not. It’s expensive and complicated.
It’s expensive because you can easily spend more on accessories for one doll than I spend on clothes in a year.
It’s complicated because of how the female mind works…and…since simply making that statement puts me on thin ice….I will slowly type away and change the subject…
…backing away from the topic…
Boys are different. They love to build and destroy. They collect sticks and imagine they are guns. They can be occupied by one stick for hours. They can spend time building a tower, but their favorite part of building the tower is knocking it down.
Girls, not so much.
They don’t play “dress up” with sticks…they play dress up with dolls that cost some serious dough. They also can’t play dress up with one outfit. They “need” different colors, styles, accessories, shoes, beds, dressers, swings, strollers…I think you get the point.
The girls can play for hours in their bedroom with their dolls.
They imagine the very best for their dolls…they dream up scenarios…they “talk their dolls”…and when they are done, they put them on display as a reflection of themselves.
God does that for us…He dreams the very best for us…He provides us with lavish blessings…He promises us hope…He fulfills His best for us…no doubt, we go through pain and suffering, but that is temporary in light of eternity.
God is fashioning us so that He can display us as a reflection of Himself!
This Sunday, we will have a study in contrasts from Ephesians 2:1-10. The difference between life before Christ and life after being saved by Christ is amazing.
I guess you could say it is amazing grace.
Looking forward to celebrating on Sunday!


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