New Life Sunday – Trampolines and friendships

Tonight our family met up with some good friends who introduced us to the sea of trampolines at Sky Zone. It was pretty incredible, though I must say by now I am starting to feel the effects of my age.
Sky Zone is a space larger than a gym floor that is one super sized trampoline. It is divided into squares and you can bounce all over the place.
I had no idea what it felt like to fly high into the air spinning and twisting in perfect double and triple axel turns…
…I still don’t.
I pretty much perfected the jump…jump…jump…land on my rear…jump…jump…you get the point.
 It was so much fun watching the kids bounce around. It was also tons of fun to learn about a new way to get sore in my old age.
The rules are pretty simple:
-Only one person per square
-Don’t lay down
-Have fun
There is similarity between learning a new activity and making new friendships. It takes a desire to learn and grow, a willingness to take a risk and a reason to do it.
This Sunday we begin the first of a four week series entitled, Journey to the Cross. We will spend our time in John three and four observing how Jesus developed friendships. This will  be a simple sermon with practical application for today.
Before we can share the good news of Jesus with people, we must start by developing friendships which in a strange way can be like jumping on a trampoline….or something like that.
I hope to see you on Sunday!
Announcement: This Tuesday, if you can make it at lunch time you are invited and encouraged to attend the Real Life luncheon:


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