New Life Sunday – Try to guess my topic this week…

What gets your ATTENTION?
The answer to that may vary among us…however, I am going to predict that if you live near KC you would agree with this answer:
Our house is situated in a location that allows for us to see a lot of traffic. For awhile yesterday it was entertaining to look out from the front window of our warm house and watch cars piling up, sliding around, etc.
I just read that again and it sounds pretty sick….however, I knew that if I went out to help the masses, I would never make it back in…so we watched….in case you were wondering, I did help several neighbors (ahhh, now I feel better).
Then it was our turn…we tried to get out for some sledding…(yes, that is a good reason to get out on the roads with 6 kids in the van)…and we got stuck. That’s why it’s good to have 6 kids…so they can push :).
If you have ever been stuck in the snow, you know that it demands respect. When you’re stuck, the snow does not consider your schedule. The snow finds a way into your head and becomes a consuming thought. The snow effects where you go, when you go, what you eat, what you do…pretty much it takes over your life until it is removed.
What if God took over your thoughts and life like a snowstorm?
I think we would call that worship…
This Sunday, Mike Totta will be sharing about the New Life core value #7: Worship-Celebrate the Person and Power of God.
It’s going to be a great day, so make sure you are shoveled out and ready for church.
See you then!


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