Posts from February 2013

“The Bible” Mini-Series

I want to get right to the point. I have been hearing about the new mini-series “The Bible” airing on the History Channel in March. I have done enough research to be confident in the following:·         The quality will be excellent·         The story will be accurate·         The influence will be global Here is an idea for […]

New Life Sunday – Mice and Magic

Yesterday we went to Disney with the kids. Wow… The kids have always wanted to meet Mickey Mouse and see the Magic Kingdom. It was pretty fun to watch their expressions as we approached the ultimate tourist attraction. Although I must say, I am quite amazed at the amount of people who make the trek to […]

New Life Sunday – Authenticity…

Several years ago a friend gave me the book, “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymballa, pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle. The book began with Pastor Jim filling in the pulpit for his father in law at a small dying church….that expanded to helping with two churches in New York….after working hard and becoming very […]

New Life Sunday – Fallen bread…

This morning the kids were all hungry when they got up…surprise. Some days they all have to eat the same thing and we do the whole, “teach them how to eat…obey…build character…etc.” On other days…like today…they have a lazy morning. One had cereal, the other had a bagel, one had apple sauce and Isaiah wanted a peanut […]