New Life Sunday — Football or a nap…

This afternoon I have been working from home for a few hours so Leigh-Ann can go to a meeting. Since the girls are at school, it is officially a house full of boys…4 to be exact.
We ate lunch together and then the boys were supposed to go down for a nap so I could send out this email :).
They did great eating and cleaning up their toy…so then it was time for their nap.
Out of nowhere, Dallas spoke up, “I know daddy, how ’bout we watch football together?”
That’s my boy!
Isaiah was totally supporting his brothers idea that it would be much better to spend the afternoon watching football than taking a nap.
Unfortunately for them, there is no football on TV this afternoon and I’m pretty sure a nap is better than Judge Judy or Dr. Phil.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Dallas has inherited my creative mind when it comes to getting out of naps and the sort. He has also inherited my ability to redirect.
We spend a lot of time with and around our kids. As a result, our kids end up communicating a lot about us as parents and as people.
This can be good….and bad.
This Sunday, we will study from Matthew 5:1-20 about Core Value #2 for New Life: Discipled and Discipling.
God has called us to be spiritual parents. We must bear fruit…but we can’t stop there. We must invest in our fruit on their path to spiritual maturity.
Throughout the Bible, discipleship is compared to spiritual parenting. So, how is your family of disciples…if you don’t have one, maybe its time to start.
I hope you have a great day!


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