New Life Sunday – The mission for football…and life

The other day Leigh-Ann and I had a little discussion…
L – “I don’t want the boys to play football.”
T – “Why not?
L – “It’s too dangerous.
T – “Nuh uh (this is what all men say when they don’t have any strong points to argue) technology is making it safer.”
L – “Um no…and I don’t want them getting concussions…or breaking their arms and legs…or dying :).
T – “Well, me neither, but I think by the time they are old enough to play, the pads will be much better.
At that point I knew it was best to change the subject. There is no way I can win that argument. I just hope that the boys can enjoy the sport of football without any of us getting hurt :).
Since football has been taking up a majority of headlines, I thought I would use it to introduce my sermon for Sunday. This week we will be studying from 2 Corinthians 2:14-3:6 about our mission in life and our mission for New Life. It is the beginning of a series where we will look closely at the mission statement and core values for our church.
When it comes to football, the mission is very simple…win. That happens when you score more points than your opponent.
When a team struggles to win, eventually the blame falls on the coach and the GM. In the case of the Chiefs…they both lost their jobs….and…I hear Mr. Hunt has just hired Andy Ried as our new coach.
Countless hours will be spent evaluating this season by countless people who have absolutely no influence in the Chiefs organization. It seems like everyone knows what the Chiefs need to do to fulfill their mission…but I wonder how many of the “great evaluators” know what to do to fulfill their own mission in life?
Maybe it’s time for us to spend as much time evaluating those things in our own life that we can influence!
When it comes to our mission:

  • It must be clear
  • We must be committed

Finding clarity and making a commitment is a great way to begin 2013!
Go Chiefs (and Vikings-I’ll be wearing purple on Sunday if they can beat the Packers :)),
Announcement: New Life will be hosting Dave Ramsey’s, “Financial Peace University” starting in February. If you would like to register you can follow this link:


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