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New Life Sunday – Hunger Pains…

Hunger is universal…it may vary in intensity and frequency, but ANYONE and EVERYONE who is alive experiences hunger. If you are like me, you are probably hungry right now… I would have to say there are several classifications of hunger:·         Munchies – You just want to chew and taste, but nothing major·         Jitters – You drank too […]

Discipleship 101

Hey everyone…today I came across a good article on discipleship by Robert Delnay and wanted to share an excerpt with you… From the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, He began calling disciples to follow Him (Matthew 4:18-22), and He seems to have taken them along on His preaching tours right away. John 4:2 implies that from […]

New Life Sunday – Court…

A few days ago we had court for our foster child who is the brother of our adopted son Isaiah. Court is not fun! It seems to dredge up painful memories and provide for painfully awkward situations. Like…being  crammed in a waiting room in very close proximity to the birth parents. The parents who have lost custody of […]

New Life Sunday – The mission for football…and life

 The other day Leigh-Ann and I had a little discussion… L – “I don’t want the boys to play football.” T – “Why not?“ L – “It’s too dangerous.“ T – “Nuh uh (this is what all men say when they don’t have any strong points to argue) technology is making it safer.” L – “Um no…and I don’t want them getting concussions…or breaking their arms and legs…or […]

2013, Bible reading and discipleship

 Happy New Years Eve!!! This is your last day to prepare your New Year’s resolutions…..or….dissolutions if you heard Fred during Brag on God yesterday. 2013  Even without a Mayan Calendar for guidance, I am expecting this to be an incredible year for the New Life family. God has been opening up opportunities for us to […]