New Life Sunday – Smart phone prayers…

Early this morning Isaiah (age 2) climbed into bed with us. He has an uncanny ability to wake up early and he loves snuggling under the warm covers.
…for at least a few seconds.
And then he is on to something else…always looking for things to look at, touch, squeeze, hit…you get the point.
This morning he found my phone and started dragging his fingers across the screen, pushing buttons and navigating from app to app.
He had no idea what he was doing…he snapped a few pictures…opened an email…and even got on facebook.
I watched for a few minutes just to make sure that he didn’t ruin anything or send someone a crazy email. I know I am probably in trouble because it was not good parenting at all for me to let him play with my phone.
We tell him “no” all the time, and then this morning I (not Leigh-Ann :)) allowed it. Shame on me…bad dad…:).
I can still see his big eyes looking up at me from time to time as he played on the phone. They seemed to say, “I can’t believe you are letting me do this….but  I’m glad you are.”
Unfortunately, when it comes to my prayer life, I relate to this. Too often, I ask God to keep me from messing up too bad, but I don’t ask Him to direct my life.
Even though I don’t know what I’m doing, I still want God to let ME direct my life.  I also want Him to make sure I don’t mess it up too bad…and…if and when I do mess it up…I want Him to fix it for me.
God is not our life repairman, genie, insurance or safety net. God is our Designer, Sustainer and Sovereign Lord.
This Sunday we will study from Daniel 9. In this chapter Daniel prays one of the most significant prayers in history. A prayer seeking mercy, pursuing God’s glory and acknowledging His love.
Perhaps most significant though is that it is a proactive prayer and not a reactive one. Daniel understood that God was his steering wheel and not his spare tire.
Speaking of steering wheel…I hope you can plan to ride on down for service on Sunday at 10:45am.
Have a great weekend!
Announcement: Our list of disciplers is growing…and if you are not on it yet…you should be!!! Let me know if you are willing to take up the challenge to disciple one person in 2013.


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