Posts from October 2012

New Life Sunday….more than surviving

Earlier this week, I was given the opportunity to spend several hours with Jaan Heinmets. He shared his testimony about growing up in Sweden. His grandfather was a leader in the Baptist Union in Sweden during communist occupation. When he was a boy, the soldiers took his grandfather into the front yard of their house, forced […]

New Life Sunday – Losing value…

Earlier today a friend texted me to tell me that he set a new record: he purchased an Austin Reed suit with no flaws and that needed no tailoring for….drum roll…. 50 cents… I would guess that an Austin Reed tailored suit from Dillards would likely cost $250 or more… This leads me to surmise that the owner […]

New Life Sunday – Ninja

 A few nights ago Leigh-Ann was at worship practice and I so I drove the kids home from prayer meeting and JUMP recovery. Since the weather was so nice, I asked them if they wanted to eat ice cream cones outside. Totally… Dallas was like, “yessss!” It was one of those moments when life seemed near perfect. We […]

New Life Sunday – Milestone’s

Today is a milestone… Leigh-Ann and I have a child who is 11 years old. For some of you reading this, that statistic borders on ridiculous. You wish you were as young as me :). For others (especially you millennials) you have just tossed me into the box of middle aged people who have left the […]