New Life Sunday – Adoption and the return of Jesus

Yesterday we officially adopted Isaiah John into the Campbell family. It was a pretty amazing experience  that we had anticipated for a year and a half.
As a family our emotions were a mix of relief, excitement and gratitude.
In a few weeks we will get a birth certificate in the mail. It will have his full name, “Isaiah John Campbell” and it will be dated back to his birth, October 9th, 2010. Similar to our salvation, it is almost like his life before officially becoming a Campbell is erased. 
From the beginning we anticipated that the adoption would happen. It still seemed a bit surreal to hear the Judge make a final decision that Leigh-Ann and I would be given full parental rights to Isaiah.
Knowing that this day was a real possibility we were careful to include Isaiah as a part of our family from the beginning. Here are a few things we have learned from the process:
·         Love the journey
·         Use the resources we have been given
·         Encourage unity as a family
This Sunday, we will be studying from 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 about the return of Jesus. Like the adoption, we anticipate His coming. We could experience it today or it could be a long way off, however our anticipation of that day does provide a basis for our priorities in this life. We’ll talk more about that on Sunday. For now, I better go help with the kiddos…we have 5 now :).

Have a great day!
 P.S. I have attached a few pics…




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